New Rhino / Cinema 4D Import / Export Plugin announced

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Of course there may be some other reasons why the plugin could be helpful, for example bringing over the same lights and saved views (and various other auxiliary stuff like that) from Rhino into Cinema4D could be a significant help to someone using both of those programs.

But getting higher quality shading? That's a kind of strange thing to claim.

Cinema4D is able to read vertex normals from OBJ files, so you should get the same kind of shading in Cinema4D when you import geometry by OBJ or by this plugin.

I don't understand why someone would think the plugin would generate some kind of "better shading" or "better normals" than what is happening already with OBJ transfer.

Is there possibly a demonstration file that shows a shading problem with a file transferred from Rhino through OBJ that is not present when transferring using this plugin instead?

- Michael