New Rhino / Cinema 4D Import / Export Plugin announced

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hmmm, that's interesting that he would say that... I don't believe I ever received any bug reports from him about any shading problems with MoI output.

There are a lot of people that experience a variety of meshing problems with Rhino, quite a few people actually purchase MoI just for this one purpose of getting higher quality mesh output than what Rhino is able to produce.

For example, here's a blog post where someone made a side-by-side comparison, going into Cinema4D:

In some of those screenshots you can see one of the general problem areas with Rhino's meshes - when it connects triangles up between trimming boundaries the triangles can tend to kind of stretch out, making a kind of strange flat kink in the mesh.

I have no idea why he thinks there won't be any mesh artifacts. Certainly by extracting the Rhino render mesh he will see the exact same stuff in Cinema4D as seen in Rhino, the problem is that what is seen in Rhino is a long ways from perfect and can have a lot of problems. Just see the above blog post for one specific example...

- Michael