New Rhino / Cinema 4D Import / Export Plugin announced

 From:  Michael Gibson
3642.16 In reply to 3642.15 
Hi Kreten,

> Will workflow MoI for modeling and C4D for rendering work?

Yes - for C4D you can export using OBJ format out of MoI. That's the most common format that is usually supported by nearly every renderer.

C4D's regular built-in OBJ importer works fine, other than one thing which is that it does not import the colors of materials (which in MoI are called styles).

If you want those to come through, get the Riptide plug-in from here and use it for the import into C4D instead of the default OBJ import:

There are quite a lot of people who model in MoI and render in C4D using OBJ format for doing the transfer.

- Michael