New Rhino / Cinema 4D Import / Export Plugin announced

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Stefan, just one other note re: adding display meshes into saved 3DM files.

MoI actually has 2 somewhat different meshers that are used for different purposes.

There is a "display mesher" and then there is an "export mesher".

The display mesher's job is to very quickly create meshes to produce the shaded viewport display. Sometimes it takes some shortcuts in order to be fast, and in the future on heavy scenes it will probably automatically make somewhat rougher meshes to reduce memory footprint on detailed models.

When you save to a file format like OBJ or LWO, that uses the "export mesher", which is slower (well not as much anymore with the multi-core processing added in v2, but still) but also does a more careful job and is focused on making a higher quality more evenly proportioned mesh.

You seem to be asking about saving the "display mesh" results in the 3DM file?

The bad part about that is that you would then not be getting the higher quality mesh calculation that is normally done with other mesh exports.

That's on top of the limitations on mesh structure that are imposed by 3DM format.

So it's not really a great solution - there are several reasons why you would not be getting the highest quality mesh results if I just dumped the display mesh into the 3DM file, and then of course there would be a huge increase in the size of the 3DM file as well.

- Michael