Modeling Helmet ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anis, I'm not sure if I understand fully - it seems that your helmet has a kind of ridge line in the area you have circled, and the one in lyes's tutorial also has some fairly similar looking ridge lines in it.

You don't need to incorporate those ridges or small features like that into the initial base surface that you create. It's probably better to build a totally smooth and simple structured base surface, and then trim out some spots where you want to add some features like that, the tutorial shows a good technique for adding in that kind of ridge using trimming and blend.

I understand that your helmet is not 100% identical to the one in the tutorial, but as far as I can tell it has a lot of similarities - you will just want to do things like cut a larger or smaller area with the trim, and adjust the bulge value of the blend to be less bunched up to make the differences in your particular helmet.

But why do you think you have such a different helmet that you need a completely different approach? I don't know a lot about helmets so I may just not understand why yours is so different, it seems very similar to me.

- Michael