how to make cut out piece?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi sven, when something is more rounded all over or semi-melty looking that can make it fall outside of some of the regular 2D driven modeling techniques.

That starts to get into a more difficult area of NURBS modeling when the shapes are not really defined by 2D profile curves.

One thing you can generally try though is to block out the shape with sharp corners and then apply fillets to round things off.

Also sometimes it can work to use some of the freeform surfacing tools like sweep to make some portion of the curved shape, but still use Fillet to finish it off.

See these previous threads for some ideas:

Also even though it is a different shape, check out this other thread here, it also shows how you can get that kind of "smooth all over" type shape by building some larger curved pieces with sweeps and then filleting them to make the final result:

That kind of stuff is getting into a somewhat more difficult and advanced area of NURBS modeling though.

- Michael