Behaviour of rotating and shifting (paning) the view

 From:  Michael Gibson
361.2 In reply to 361.1 
Hi Ray, it is as you suspected - the zoom/pan/rotate view controls at the bottom of the viewport are particularly set up for tablet use, so that you don't have to move the cursor very far to make adjustments to the view. This is one of the things that makes it possible to use MoI without having to touch a keyboard, which is something that is not normally possible with 3D software.

The key to using those controls is to only move your cursor a very small amount, if you move it a large amount like you would do for the alt+lmb type style, it will be too much.

They behave quite a bit different, you can move your cursor just a small amount and keep it off center, and the view movement will still have a type of "acceleration" to it - it will slow down if you bring the cursor back to the center again.

For a mouse, it is just an alternative to use these different style controls if you wish to.

- Michael