dxf import

 From:  Michael Gibson
3602.4 In reply to 3602.3 
Hi fraser, it sound likely that the DXF file just contains individual line objects rather than connected polyline entities.

That doesn't necessarily mean that the DXF file is "corrupt" exactly, just that the data in it does not happen to be structured in the way that you want.

> If I need to join them manually, can I do it efficiently
> in your vastly superior interface?

It depends on how everything is set up - if you have outlines that are made up of individual line segments without the larger outlines touching or overlapping with each other then you can just select everything and use the Join command in MoI to join the lines into curves.

But if you have a whole bunch of lines where lines from multiple different outlines are sharing endpoints with one another, then the joiner is not going to be able to sort those out and could accidentally join pieces together that you don't want. In that case you will have to carefully select just the parts for one outline at a time and use Join.

If you'd like you can post the DXF here or e-mail it to me at moi@moi3d.com if you'd like to keep it private, so I could take a look at it and maybe give you some better advice.

But if you have a big sea of lines that do not have a clear separation between different chunks of them, that is something that will likely need some manual selecting and joining work.

Also, what is the reason that you want to join them into single curves, what do you plan to do with them after that?

- Michael