Cant loft

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi niko, also is there some reason why you are particularly concerned about making a low polygon result?

You write:
> I set it to 10 and the mesh was fine although very heavy...

It's actually not really very heavy - using angle = 3, and Divide larger than = 10, over here produces a mesh with 44,000 faces in it, which is actually not what I'd call in a "very heavy "category at all:

You're not running on an old 486 computer or anything, right? :) That's pretty light duty for any vaguely modern machine to handle.

If you're going to have something special like a whole fleet of thousands of different ones of these, then certainly you might want to think about the density a bit. But otherwise, you may be worrying a lot about something that you don't really need to worry about for just 1 object.

- Michael