Cant loft

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi niko,

> 1. The attached fuselage from the resulting loft, upon close
> inspection, shows a lot of creases along the aft end on
> the bottom.

Could you please indicate where you are seeing the problem?

My guess is that you are seeing the result of too coarse of a tessellation in those areas, you will probably need to use the "Divide larger than" setting to make your object be divided up into some smaller polygons. When I use "Divide larger than" of 10 with your model and have the angle cranked up all the way, I get a result that looks like this:

There are some kind of subtle waves in the shape there and if you do not get enough polygons in those areas it can get a slightly angular appearance, you end up seeing some of the underlying faceted nature of the polygons.

> 2. On my new laptop(i7 2.66 Macbook pro with 330 gt) the
> edit frame graphic appears to be broken. I'm using paralells
> and it worked like a charm under paralells on my old Macbook
> pro. Is this fixed in the final release maybe?

No, not likely - as far as I know there isn't any bug in MoI for me to fix with the edit frame graphic, you are most likely running into some problem with Parallel's Direct3D interface there.

Until the recent versions of Parallels, their Direct3D interface was really very buggy and problematic. It has improved a lot in recent versions but it looks like you are running into some residual problem with it.

Make sure you are running the latest version of Parallels.

- Michael