Cant loft

 From:  niko (NICKP100)
I'm starting to think that NURBS are a lot smarter than I am, and if it wasn't for MOI I would have gone back to SUB'Ds.
I have two problems.
1. The attached fuselage from the resulting loft, upon close inspection, shows a lot of creases along the aft end on the bottom.(yes even on high settings those creases do appear on the final render in Modo)
Why is that??? I rebuild all of my curves to have equal points. How can I get a smooth result?

2. On my new laptop(i7 2.66 Macbook pro with 330 gt) the edit frame graphic appears to be broken. I'm using paralells and it worked like a charm under paralells on my old Macbook pro. Is this fixed in the final release maybe?