V2 documentation

 From:  Michael Gibson
3586.2 In reply to 3586.1 
Hi Mark - when you install MoI under the Windows Start menu there will be an item under MoI's folder there called "MoI Help", you can use that to launch the help file.

Also if you are in MoI, there is a Help button in the lower right corner of the screen, you can also push that to launch the help file. If you are currently in a command it will take you to the topic for that command in the reference section, otherwise if you are not running a command currently it will take you to the table of contents page for the help file, which has links to the some different sections.

You can also view the help file on the MoI web site, for that go to the main MoI web page here: http://moi3d.com , and then click on the "Resources" link here:

That will take you to the main collection of links for online MoI stuff, the link to the help file is the 4th one down from the top on that page, here:

> Is there a printable version somewhere?

Yup, on the main table of contents page of the help file there is a link to a PDF version for printing, here:

- Michael