Blender and True-Normals

 From:  Michael Gibson
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That's great Anthony!

Hopefully that can get incorporated into the main Blender version at some point, it sure is frustrating that it decides to throw out the normals from the model and calculate different ones just for the render.

That should all work fine with MoI v2 as well - in v2 there is an option (under Options > Import/Export > LWO options) to change how normals are written to LWO files to support LightWave since it expects them to be in a different coordinate system than Modo does. But the default is the Modo style normals the same as MoI v1 exported.

Also something else that Blender people might be interested in is the updated OBJ import script that I posted here:

That fixes the default Blender OBJ importer which was discarding the vertex normals at the very end after doing all the work of actually reading them in.

The OBJ importer also tries to import materials.

- Michael