Blender and True-Normals

 From:  Michael Gibson
3583.17 In reply to 3583.16 
Hi anthony, your new .exe works great over here now!

I tested just unzipping your new .exe and putting it in place of the original in the standard 2.49b installation.

I noticed that your original one was much smaller than this new one, (4MB vs 10MB), and your new one is about the same size as the stock blender.exe, so I guess there must have been a chunk missing and not getting linked in before.

It's a huge improvement to rendering in Blender, here is one quick test, original Blender render here:

And your patched version here:

All shading glitches are gone, that is fantastic!

I really don't understand why someone would want to have the normals recalculated just for the render anyway, it's really frustrating when the renderer modifies your model data rather than just rendering the data that is in the editor already.

If you want to have normals set up differently, that is something that I would expect to process in the modeling environment by some kind of normals modification tools, and then render the updated model data rather than having the renderer make modifications itself.

Any chance of getting your patch accepted into the main Blender build?

- Michael