Photoshop and MoI 3D

 From:  danperk (SBEECH)
I think Adobe's having a bit of a tough time getting wide acceptance with the 2D crowd. It seems many
think 3D is more complicated than it really is.(my theory)

I use PS Extended CS4 for certain projects, and it seems to work pretty well. When using ray tracing with
final render at a high resolution it is pretty slow. The way I've found to improve this is to use Better AA settings
and use a higher resolution. The nice part is you can choose any size & DPI and it's re-sizable like vector images.

You can also animate parameters like 3D object/camera position & cross sections. Also a good texture tool for
3D PDFs.

Here's MoI file exported as .obj:

EDITED: 8 Dec 2013 by SBEECH