Adding more points after a sweep

 From:  Michael Gibson
357.4 In reply to 357.3 
> Is there actually a way to do this at this moment or is this for a later version release?

Hi Colin, you didn't do anything wrong there, Add points just doesn't function on surfaces right now, but it should get added eventually (not quite sure when).

> Also found if I Boolean Joined two pieces, I then couldn't get the Show points to come up.
> Is this a bug or just what happens after using the Boolean Join?

This one isn't a bug - it is a limitation on how this type of geometry works.

Once you have joined pieces together along a common edge, you can't turn on points for that solid anymore except in the case where each of those surfaces has matching control points along a "natural trim edge".

See this post for some info on how a trim curve on a surface works:

Once you have 2 surfaces which you have joined at a common edge, if I let you turn on control points and edit them, it would be really easy for you to pull one of the surfaces in such a way that a gap would open up along what should be a common edge.

Let me know if you need some more details on this one.

Probably surface control points won't get much attention until after the V1 release.

- Michael