MoI for modeling of terrains

 From:  d^^b (DAVID)

I must to do a job (actually, this will be the first time I use MoI for a commercial use), and I have to start modeling the terrain for fit the development over there.

I want to share my strategy for do it, and ask to the forum if you know a better way to do it, and other doubts.

- First at all, I exported the AutoCAD curves to pdf using "Solid Converter", and then I imported the pdf file. The results was very good
- The second step was very tedious, because I must to join any curves and add lines on the places where the number of the elevation broken the curve.
- Then, I rebuilt all the curves, looking for erasing a lot of control points. Curiously, the file after that was bigger than the original one. :-?
- Then, and following the original plane (each 5 meter there was a curve with the elevation) I changed the Styles, making easiest the reading of the curves
- Now, the other tedious step, because I must to change the height to the curves, one by one. I wonder if could be posible any script of similar, for define the height of the each style, and change it autamatically when I change the style of the curve.

-And when everything is ready, the doubts starts.

My idea is to use the Loft command for join the curves and create the surface.
The better result I´ve obtained is using Loose and # points. I get a smoothed surface and the computer works fine (in Auto it doesn´t work)

Anyway I think that wold be a better method if I extrude the curves getting a terrraced terrain. In this way, I had "steps", but I got a solid mesh.

Another question: any tips for made the surface between any curves who form a "Y" profile? (see the lat picture)

I put any pictures for ilustrate it:
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