Newbie Problem Shell/Offset complex Geo

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> So on to the next question: how can I bevel the upper
> edges via "filet" since I havent got continuus edges/splines
> I could select...

Hi Rogurt, I'm not exactly sure wehat you mean by not having "continuous edges" - surely you must have a set of edges that touch each other?

You can select multiple edges to be filleted, you don't only have to select a single edge at a time.

So for example here I've selected 3 different edges at the top of this object:

And then I ran Fillet to make this result:

Edges that are not smooth to one another will have "corner patches" added to them to connect them up.

One thing to be aware of though is that Fillet is also a sensitive command similar in several ways to Offset. In fact a part of the fillet calculation involves generating offset surfaces and intersecting them.

So if you have things like little folded areas or tight bends in your shapes, it is likely to cause a problem with fillet in a similar way it caused problems with offsets.

- Michael