Some suggestions for future MOI versions ;)

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi vinced,

> 1.)What about
> a)The box ? That should work , shouldn`t it?

Yeah, but most of the time you would want to create models more complex than a box. If I only add features that work on a box it doesn't do a whole lot of good overall.

But actually I do want to add some stuff in the future to enable you to move faces and edges around, but it is not something that is easily set up with NURBS because it requires stuff like extending surfaces and modifying trimming boundaries. It's not like polygons where you can just jiggle the points of the polygons around and have things stay connected automatically.

There is another CAD program called SpaceClaim ( which has done a lot of work to edit NURBS models in that way of pushing and pulling faces around. You might check that out if you want to work with that kind of method right now with NURBS models.

> b.)the cylinder? Why doesn`t it have control points?

That's because the top cap is a trimmed plane and not a "naturally trimmed" surface.

This is described in that FAQ answer I linked to above:
   Why does show points work for some objects but not others?

> Wouldn`t it be possible to scale the upper part to get something
> like a cone even with nurbs?

Yeah, that is possibly currently by using Edit > Separate to break the cylinder into individual surfaces, then you would probably want to delete the top cap, and now with the surfaces as individual objects instead of joined together you can use Edit > Show Pts to turn on the cylinder surface's points and select the top ring of points and scale them down.

Let me know if you would like some illustrated steps on how to do that.

> 3.) freeform curves:
> Is it possible to edit them and have the points on the
> curve and not control points?

There is not any way to do this currently, but it is something that I want to add in the future. It may not come until there is some kind of general history editing mechanism in place where you would be able to edit the original points you picked when drawing any object. But we'll see, if that takes too long I may make a special case just for "curve through points".

> Another thing. Are there some great tutorials for MOI,
> not necessarily for beginners. Tutorials that show the workflow
> of a pro CAD-user with MOI.

There are several links on the "Resources" page which has a link on the main web site:

Check out Steph's videos, Daniele's lamp video, lyes Ferrari video, etc...

You also might try searching over the web for Rhino tutorials as well.

- Michael