Some suggestions for future MOI versions ;)

 From:  vinced
Hi Michael,

thanks for the fast answer. Yeah i think that i don`t really know how nurbs work. Mostly i do not need that knowledge to do great things with them, but sometimes i think it could get faster another way and that seems to collide with the nurbs character.

2.)Ok then it`s better to do it with displacement or modify the object in a PolygonModeler.

1.)What about
a)The box ? That should work , shouldn`t it?
b.)the cylinder? Why doesn`t it have control points? Wouldn`t it be possible to scale the upper part to get something like a cone even with nurbs? I mean i know we have a cone object, but i think it wouldn`t harm to have several ways to achieve things, if it is possible with nurbs?

3.) freeform curves:
Is it possible to edit them and have the points on the curve and not control points?

Another thing. Are there some great tutorials for MOI, not necessarily for beginners. Tutorials that show the workflow of a pro CAD-user with MOI. I have no problems to create complex objects in MOI myself, but as i don`t have a professional background i have the feeling that i maybe miss something.