Some suggestions for future MOI versions ;)

 From:  Michael Gibson
3539.11 In reply to 3539.10 
Hi vinced,

> For now i agree, but nothing is impossible, isn`t it?

Well, I'm not so sure about that - it may be actually impossible to combine every single conceivable modeling technique and tool into one single interface and still keep it as something that is simple and easy to use.

When you refer to putting stuff on a displacement map on a second layer, do you mean that is something that you'd expect to do all within MoI?

Unfortunately it is very difficult to jam in a zillion features into one program without making the program complex and hard to learn...

In a lot of ways it can help a tool like MoI to be easier to use when it is more focused on solving some particular kinds of modeling problems really well instead of trying to do everything.

Of course I do want to add stuff to MoI to make it do more stuff in the future as well, but that's a pretty tall order to focus on doing every single possible kind of model all in one tool...

- Michael