Blend & fillet won't work.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Dave, what Radius values are you entering when you are trying to do the fillet?

Most likely you are using values that are too large, try smaller sized values.

Edge fillets won't work if they don't fit in the available space, and when you have narrow or sharp areas like the front slanted edge of your ship, it doesn't take very much of a radius value to cause a fairly large area of the model to be carved off.

Like Danny mentions, even in version 1.1 values of up to 0.22 should work. More than that and it creates a difficult situation for the filleter to try and resolve the connections between the different fillet pieces.

Here I've created some fillet surfaces with a radius of 0.4 by using surface/surface filleting and manual trimming. Surface/surface filleting is when you select 2 surfaces that are individual separate objects (instead of joined) and run the Fillet command which builds a fillet surface in a somewhat different manner than the edge based one:

You can kind of see there how it is getting difficult for the filleter to figure out how those different fillet pieces should connect up, since the fillet piece between the surfaces that are sharply angled to one another eats up much more space than the other one.

I tried filleting a box and a tube (just to see if it was me being thick) and while it worked at the join between the two solids I did notice that when I tried to create a blend surface at the end of the tube after trimming away the edge with a swept circle surface, the tube edge consisted of two separate sections, and attempting to blend between these edges and the remains of the end cap failed.

Sorry, it's difficult to follow along your description here - could you please post the 3DM model that contains the things that you are referring to like "the remains of the end cap" ?

It will be a lot easier to understand what you are talking about if I can actually load up the model to look at it.

Blend only works between 2 edges at a time, and if you have a small edge and you want to blend it to some piece of a longer edge you will need to cut up the long edge into smaller segments as well. You can do that by using the Trim command and click the "Add trim points" button when it asks you to select cutting objects, that will allow you to pick points on the edge for where to cut it.

- Michael