inference lock?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rabbit, well one of the main things that MoI was originally set up to do was to perform tasks without requiring you to touch the keyboard.

This is an example of that - for example in Rhino you are not able to do this without touching a key, so for cases where there is no keyboard handy like on a tablet PC that is a problem.

Another thing I've generally tried to avoid with MoI is to force people to remember a whole lot of key combinations in order to make things happen - this is a case where that kind of notion applies, since you get that pop up menu that has words on it for you to read, instead of having to think "oh yeah, which key was it that does this particular task, was it Ctrl+Alt+Shift, or was it just LeftAlt+Ctrl?" or stuff like that.

Anyway, that may help to explain some of the reasoning.

Creating a construction line is not really what I would call "very difficult", all you do is hold down and drag the mouse instead of clicking it. You don't have to go push any button or hit any key to start making a construction line, just drag.

Maybe instead of using the construction line projection, an easier approach is to just drag out a horizontal construction line in one of the 2D side views, then there will be an "int" snap available for you to use, without popping up any kind of menu at all.

For the kind of vertical copying that you are describing, that would probably be the easiest way to do it.

Here's an example, say you have this rectangle and you want to move it vertically to the level of the top of the disk which is at a different z level:

Switch to the Front view, run the Transform > Move command, pick the base point snapped on to the rectangle, then move to the disk and drag out a horizontal construction line and pick the int snap as the target location, like this:

I do have some general ideas about adding in some kind of "elevation editing" type tool in the future, maybe as part of an extended object properties dialog.

- Michael

EDIT: This is other approach is the same thing that vodkamartini described above, I just did not see his post while I was writing this.