inference lock?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3526.2 In reply to 3526.1 
Hi Rabbit, in MoI the main area for those kind of drawing constraints are construction lines.

So in MoI to do something similar, drag out a construction line, then activate the little menu by pressing and holding down on the little tag that shows up:

On that menu, pick "Project next pt" to get the kind of behavior that you are mentioning.

The nice thing about the construction line mechanism is that it combines numerous kinds of constraints such as locking the line so points are projected on to it, setting up divisions like snaps every 1/3 (or 1/5, 1/12, whatever) distance between 2 points, capturing a distance and relocating the cline to apply that distance elsewhere, etc... and all without having to remember a whole lot of different shortcut keys to get at all that stuff. Instead you've just got to know how to activate that menu, which doesn't even require a keystroke.

In MoI v3 it would not be difficult to make it possible to set up a script to activate a keystroke based direction lock though, it just has not really come up as a request before now.

- Michael