inference lock?

 From:  rabbit
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cheers Michael

Yeah - so far I always use a keyboard with my programs, so there is always one hand free to use it, and, as long as all the cad / 3D programs i use can have shortcut keys set to be the same, it is easy to flip back and forth between them, yes, an option to lock to direction via a key would be great.

can i just say here, since it as good a place as any, that your work on rhino way back in the first wips before V1 was released, which is when i discovered it, really changed my life insofar as 3D / CAD work goes. Previous to rhino I had used a stack of stuff on the Amiga platform, and finally 3D Studio release 2, which I did manage to get some good work out of; but rhino was a total revelation - its interface was so clear, its navigation so intuitive, and the ease with which one could create things (accurately) was stunning.

It is still a great program, and I really appreciate now all the 2D, dimensioning etc in it, because I can stay in one program for almost everything I do.. As for MOI, i just think of it as a super plug-in to rhino - often if something won't work there, it will work in MOI, and if it doesn't work in MOI, then something needs changing. I love that the view commands / orbit etc are the same, and that the one can cut and paste between them...thanks so much for your work, back then, and now...