V2 beta May-5-2010 available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
3519.8 In reply to 3519.6 
Hi steve,

> however, I did forget to drop the mesh angle before
> loading and although MoI did not crash while loading,
> the "Styles" did not show once the model had loaded.

Yeah once you have run out of memory it is likely that all kinds of things will start behaving abnormally, since numerous functions require some amount of memory to be available to them in order to perform their job.

I guess that if a file load caused memory to be all consumed, I could delete everything that had been loaded so far to free up memory. Of course, the net result of that would be that instead of Styles not showing up, there would be nothing from the model at all showing up, so I'm not sure that is any better.

One idea that I have for the future is to try something like only make a rough display mesh with the initial load, and then after the load is complete have some background threads running that would calculate denser display meshes if there was plenty of memory available. Something like this would probably help when working with large models because the file load would complete faster and allow you to work on it as the denser display meshes were getting updated on the fly.

But running out of memory is a pretty tough area to handle well in general.

- Michael