V2 beta May-5-2010 available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
3519.4 In reply to 3519.3 
Hi Burr, the default for that setting is already to be =n , so you don't need to manually add that entry.

It should get added automatically to the .ini file with a value of =n when you exit MoI after you have used a command that has a switchable radius/diameter field in it, for example the Circle, Sphere, Cylinder, or Cone commands. When you run those commands if you look at the prompt that says "Radius:", you'll see there is a little cycler arrow on it:

What that means is you can click on that label to change from a "Pick Radius" prompt to a "Pick Diameter" prompt with a diameter value being shown and entered for that field instead of a radius.

If you want to make MoI default to using a Diameter prompt in all of those commands instead of the regular default Radius prompt, that's available by setting that moi.ini option to =y, under:


But if you want to have the default prompt be for a Radius, you do not need to manually copy that setting over since it will initialize to =n anyway when it appears in the .ini file.

This is only a setting in the moi.ini file and not hooked up to a checkbox in the options UI or anything like that currently.

- Michael