V2 beta May-5-2010 available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
A new v2 beta (version May-5-2010) is now available for download here:

The v2 final is getting really very close now... I had a few more bug fixes though so I thought I'd release a new beta just to get a bit of testing on those.

Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug in the Merge command where edge segments along the seam of a closed surface were not allowed to be merged.

Fixed an incorrect result with Revolve when there was a very small sized segment in the revolve profile curve.

Updated the mesher to reduce memory consumption on surfaces that have a large number of holes in them, fixes a problem reported in the forum here:

Updated curve offset to true up segment end tangents that are very close to being tangent but just slightly off. Fixes the offset bugs with edge curves reported in the forum here:

Updated the scene browser to remove the "selected" and "unselected" type sub-categories by default, which were not working previously. They can be re-enabled by a setting in moi.ini:
[Scene Browser]
which will also enable an update of the scene browser in response to selection changes, which should make those sections work properly.
Discussed in the forum here:

Updated numeric expressions so that Pi or pi could also be used instead of only upper case PI.

Updated the scene remeshing in response to changing of the display mesh settings, to try and catch out of memory issues better.

- Michael