Input as Pi?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Nick, yes in v2 you can enter in numeric expressions, and you can use PI (all capital letters) for that constant.

So for example when drawing a circle if you want to enter PI in for the radius value, first push the Tab key to set keyboard focus to the Radius: field (or click on that field) and then type PI and push Enter.

If you enter in numbers, it is not necessary to push Tab first, because when you type numbers they go directly to any available numeric input and put focus on it automatically. But if you want to type in some expression that starts with a letter, push Tab first to put focus there because letters are usually reserved for keyboard shortcuts so they won't automatically be taken into a number input field unless the keyboard focus is already on the field.

There are also other math constants available as well like E or SQRT2, there is a list of them here:

- Michael