Keep object names when exporting

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi dj, currently the names are only exported to OBJ and LWO formats, and not 3DS.

3DS is a very old and obsolete format introduced with the ancient MS-DOS version of 3D Studio, and has many limitations in it, you should avoid using it unless as a last resort.

Among the various limitations of 3DS is that there is only room set aside for 10 characters for the object name in the 3DS file structure, so I don't think it is actually possible for those names that you show there to even be contained with the 3DS file at all.

In addition to that there are all kinds of other limits, like a 16-bit era limit to only be able to have no more than 65535 vertices within a single mesh, only have triangles and not quads or n-gons, and no support for vertex normals to transmit the good quality shading information.

Is there a particular reason why you are trying to use 3DS format and not OBJ format which as you've already pointed out preserves the names?

> By the way, is it possible to reesize the part of the ui you see
> in the second screenshot?

There isn't any way to do it by dragging with the mouse, but you can use a text editor to expand the width by editing one of the UI files, see here:

I do want to make an easier method for sizing it in the future.

- Michael