Please help with this with blend

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi niko,

> How come I can't fillet a cube intersecting a sphere the
> same way you did the last two surfaces??

Well, you could, but like Danny mentions you would need to break the cube up into individual surfaces.

That other kind of fillet is a surface modeling technique that builds a fillet between just 2 surfaces.

If something is made up of a lot of surfaces and also has sharp corners where those surfaces meet, then the regular edge-based filleting is usually better since the edge-based filleter handles creating multiple fillets surfaces and also deals (or tries to anyway) with trimming back fillets that collide into one another and putting in corner patches in those areas.

But if you are already working with surfaces, the surface/surface fillet can be handy, and also it is somewhat less complex than the edge-based one, so it can sometimes succeed in building you a fillet surface to work with where the edge-based one can't figure stuff out.

- Michael