Quick Educational license question for Michael

 From:  Michael Gibson
3502.2 In reply to 3502.1 
Hi Mike, sorry I forgot to reply to your message yesterday - I read it but then had to run off before replying and forgot to get back to it until today.

The full version prices (non-edu) will be V1 = $195, V2 full version = $295, V2 upgrade = $100. So that works out nicely that you can purchase a non-edu V2 upgrade for just the difference in price between v1 and v2.

The educational prices for v2 have not been set yet, but the prices are probably not going to add up in the same "exact difference" way for the edu ones, for example I'm not even sure if the edu base price for v2 will be going up, it might not.

So most likely the price of v1 edu + v2 edu upgrade will add up to more than waiting to just get the v2 edu full version.

That's cool that we're in the same neighborhood! I'd love to see what you guys are doing with MoI!

Where are you going to college?

- Michael