Quick Educational license question for Michael

 From:  Mike (MIKEW)
I am interested in purchasing MOI, and am a student and qualify for educational pricing through studica.com.

My question is whether I will be able to update my student version to V2 by paying the update price once V2 is released, or if I will need to purchase V2 at full or student pricing (effectively losing the cost of the V1 student license). I am prepared to wait, but would like to continue using MOI and the Skup and .SAT export are critical for me to use the program for my studies and work.

Also, is the current beta still working (I notice the expiration date has passed)? (EDIT: My mistake. I misunderstood the date mentioned in the forum announcement for the Beta to be the date it ended. I see now that it was in fact the day it was made available. - Thanks!)

BTW, I am on internship in Seattle and live like two blocks from you in Ballard. Small world! I have turned the small design firm I am working with onto MOI and I expect they will be purchasing a license in the coming weeks. They love the software and that it is actively developed right down the road.

Mike Webb

EDITED: 25 Apr 2010 by MIKEW