Rube Goldberg's Refinery

 From:  Dave Morrill (DMORRILL)
I just thought I would post an image resulting from a technique I've been developing over the last few days. The (untextured) image was rendered in modo, but modeled in MoI. The .lwo file I exported from MoI contained just under 16K polys, rendered at 1280x720 in modo in just under 40 seconds, and according to modo, contained 225,000,000 polys. A fully textured and lit version took just over 14 minutes to render.

I just finished complaining to Michael about a bug in MoI that I ran into today while modeling this scene that he (apparently) has decided not to fix in V2. So I though it only fair to show the sample scene that was causing me the grief ;-)

- Dave Morrill