construction planes

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> I guess you have played around with sketchup a bit - did'nd you?

Yes, certainly!

> Well - it obviously is that combination of real construction lines and the 'auto-aligning'
> feature which is mainly responsible for being able to work so incredibly fast with sketchup.

Yes, these are definitely really great for doing boxy type architectural shapes. But they don't really do anything for you if your object has curved surfaces instead of a lot of planes.

> What if I wanted to draw on one of the champfered sides directly...?

Certainly in this case a construction plane is very helpful!

Do you often create models where you want to draw on the chamfers of a box, though?

This just doesn't seem to come up really too frequently, that's why I have postponed this for a little while. Not because I don't think it is useful - there certainly are several circumstances where it is useful, it is just an area of somewhat less frequent use, and less frequently used features are more possible to postpone for a while. Postponing things helps me finish a version 1.0 ! :)

> May be I missed it as yet because I just found MoI, but that would be an 'aligning/rotating-job'
> for the time being. Am I wrong? To my 'newcomer'-knowledge :)

Nope, you're not wrong, it is true that it would require aligning and rotating right now.

> :) I'm sure there is a nice workaround or I just did'nd find the right hotkeys as yet.

Well, the workaround is to just rotate such a piece into place! :)

If you only need to rotate a few pieces around it is not really a terrible problem... If you need to do a whole lot of these kinds of things then probably Rhino will work a lot better for you until MoI gets the cplane support in.

> The MoI-UI even tops the rhino UI...

Thanks, I'm glad you like the UI! Part of the reason the UI works well is that I'm kind of slowly adding things in, so I find good spots for things (and ways of combining multiple things into one tool) instead of just jamming too much in really quickly. That's another reason why some things are missing such as construction planes, but they will come in time!

- Michael