No Key Shortcut...

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> What do I need to enter to assign it to a key(B)?

Once you know the command name, you have to go to the moi.ini file to assign it to a key.

Make sure you shut down MoI first, then run notepad, and open moi.ini from C:\Documents and Settings\[your user name]\Application Data\Moi\moi.ini

This is the file that stores all of your configuration options for running MoI.

Find the section labeled [Shortcut Keys], and add a new line under it for your key assignment, for example:

[Shortcut Keys]

Save the file from notepad, and then when you start up MoI again those shortcut keys should be available. Make sure to remember to shut down MoI first before editing the file though.

Let me know if you have any problems getting this to work. If you can't find what the name of a particular command is, just go ahead and ask me.

There will eventually be something to set this under options, but it will probably be a little while before it is ready.

- Michael