Offset (problem)

 From:  Michael Gibson
3499.9 In reply to 3499.8 
Hi Steve,

> Offsetting the surface (from 2 rail closed sweep) edge.

Yup, that's definitely another instance of that same offset problem.

I don't see any gaps in the edges there though, in a message above you wrote that you were seeing edge gaps in some closed sweeps? This does not seem to be an example of that, the edges are closed with no gaps.

Sorry if I confused things with mentioning the gaps - the gaps are not actually what causes the offset problem, I mentioned the gap only because it was what created the difference in behavior between v1 and v2.

This particular offset problem will actually _not_ be present if there is a gap, that's why you don't see it in your original example with v1, because v1 does not automatically seal the gap into a closed curve during the offset. It's actually with a closed curve where the offset bug is kicking in. In v2 it is automatically sealing that little gap up to make a closed curve, that's why there is a difference between v1 and v2.

V1 actually still has the same offset bug in it, just different behavior with sealing the little gap up.

- Michael