Text command modified for Jewellery

 From:  Colin
Hi Everyone,

For some time now I've been using my own modified version of the Text command.
Reason being that the Default Text command made the starting sizes much larger than any of the jewellery models I was working on.
I also tend to prefer starting with the Curves setting & so got tired of having to change to this every time I opened the Text command.

I know next to nothing about Scripting, so after a bit of fiddling about & testing to see if it would work, I came up with a replacement Text file.
Now all I do is Copy & Paste this Text version straight into the MoI V2 Command folder, making this the new "Default Text".
But if you wanted to return MoI V2 to the previous "original" Default Text settings, just be sure to make a Copy of the existing Default version first.

I've been doing this for at least the last 4 x Beta's, just making sure that it all works correctly.
With the pending release of MoI V2 just around the corner, I now wanted to get this out for those that might be interested in using it.

Obviously the same approach could be applied to those other settings in the Text command to make your very own personal version of it
I used Notepad to open the original Text file & do the necessary editing to it.

Hope this is of some use, Colin