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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi andras,

> Why is this not available at the other Array methods such as Grid? :)

Well, none of those other commands involve making the array follow an object, unlike array curve.

That new align to surface option for array curve is when the curve that you are arraying along is on a surface already and you want the objects to rotate to follow the surface normal.

In something like Array grid, there is no object picked at all to follow along, that command is oriented around duplicating objects into a block grid pattern.

> and how can I model this?

Well, it would be easiest to use a specialized tool that is focused on producing that kind of complex stuff.

> Yes I know it is easy with topmod but mathematically how
> could I define curves or point on a surface with almost equal
> distance along its surface? :S

Often times there is not an exact mathematical equation that you solve for such things, but instead things like that use an "iterative solving" mechanism where things are positioned in small increments and adjusted until you converge on an acceptable solution.

It's a pretty complex area to develop.

If you want to replicate a bunch an object along a surface, you could try using the new ArrayGem command in MoI which might be able to help. I'm not sure exactly what your goal is though, is it to produce just that thing you linked to that is already being handled by TopMod, or something similar?

For some description of ArrayGem in MoI, see here:

You may also want to look into some specialized plugins for Rhino for making these kinds of complex things, for example:

This can be a good area to use Rhino in addition to MoI, Rhino has had various other companies and programmers add plugins to it to make it easier to do particular specialized things similar to this.

- Michael