2D Drawing Program Text Explanation

 From:  omac12
after re-reading the thread about 3d text I realized that I probably confused some people with my talk of 2d programs. Or at least came off looking as if I completely missed the boat. PP got what I was trying to say because he has used the programs before, but it was probably confusing for anyone else that doesn't know those programs so I thought I'd explain. I just constructed an animated gif using nothing but xara xtreme pro. It's a really cheesy spinning text animation. I could have spun it or moved it in any direction frame by frame and exported as swf as well as gif. I just decided not to post it without a request as it has the potential to bother people. I've always been bothered by spinning images on websites. Anyway, even though the xara program is 2d the extrusion and rotation is really 3d. So if PP's intention had been to just model 3d text and animate it in 3d rotation or maybe composite it somewhere else then xara would have filled the need and even allowed photoshop plugins to spice it up however he might have wanted. That is what I meant by 2d programs sometimes filling the need for 3d text. The other programs I mentioned have pretty much the same features but the last two- Cool 3D and Impactplus can export to 3ds or x format. I offered these only as an example for text. They are definitely not modelers, even though I have seen people do some pretty advanced 3d models in cool 3d, it wasn't designed for that. Thanks for listening. I just wanted to explain and maybe not look so nuts. :)