Exporting drawings in DXF and AI formats

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mark, thanks for posting those files.

As far as I can tell the generated DXF file is actually fine, see the tests below where I read it into several other applications.

You have probably run into a bug in Cut2D. From what you describe, my guess is that they make an assumption that a SPLINE entity in the DXF file is a curvy shape and they are only looking at the control points and not the other parts of the spline data (its "degree" and "knots") which for this case are set up to make sharp corners between the control points.

Here's what I did to test - loading your 3DM file into MoI it looks like this:

I loaded the DXF file you attached into DoubleCAD XT and it looks like this:

I also loaded the DXF into ViaCAD and it looks like this:

I also loaded it into Rhino and it looks like this:

So as you can see with all these other apps, the sharp corners are actually in the curve data in the DXF file.

That's a pretty simple example so maybe you can send that to the authors of Cut2D as a bug report.

- Michael