From:  Grendel
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It is a very powerful option but not many people are aware that a pdf can even have that functionality. Adobe has really done a poor job of raising awareness to such an incredible communication tool. I have been pushing to get all of our equipment manuals appended with 3d pdf conversions from the Pro-E files for bills-of-materials that contain assembly sequences and animated exploded views for the service technicians. Even people that are good with CAD prints can miss things because of a view not shown but with a 3d pdf model in their you get any view you want, not what a CAD tech has chosen to show (they usually do not have to work on this equipment in the field).

I used it several times and then convinced my department head that we should by it. After that everything is very clear when a piece of new equipment can be rotated and viewed from all angles in real time by anyone with reader.

MoI, Hypershot and 3d pdf was the enabling tool kit that allowed me to redesign a control pod for a subsea BOP in about three days, output photoreal renders and 3d pdf's for discussions that led to to the decision to scrap the existing electronics and pilot system (pod) and replace it with my design. The capital impact of this was 4 million US for each system and we have ordered two of them.

Anything that can assist in the communication of designs from the designer to the approval audience should always be considered a high priority in my opinion.