From:  BurrMan
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Hi Grendel,
Not comprehensive at all. Just mesh and export the 3d viewport. I havnt done enough investigation yet to see if the output would maintain the style assignments from moi. I would think this would be at the least necessary.The cost could be kept under 50 dollars if we had 100+ users. That is what I was refering to in the earlier post. I could do it right now, but if only 5 people are interested, i would have to either lose my shorts, or charge the high prices that are seen everywhere else (which would make it a failure). I bought simlab just for the pdf output as all other options are high priced. Even wondering what the simlab cost will be after the killer introductory price ends.

It just seems like such a powerful option, but have been told not many people are interested in it, or it hasnt caught on yet.