V2 beta Apr-16-2010 available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
A new v2 beta (version Apr-16-2010) is now available for download here:

It's taken me a bit longer than I had originally thought to work on the documentation, so I'm releasing a new beta with an extended expiration since the previous one is about to expire.

The new beta does not have any new features but does have several bug fixes, and the command reference section of the help file has been updated but is not quite done yet.

Bug fixes:

Updated SKP export to fix a crash bug that could happen when exporting curves in certain circumstances when the line segments of the curve had their vertices merged with other nearby line vertices already in the SKP model. I think this finally fully stabilizes the SKP export now.

Fixed a bug where "on" object snaps were being suppressed improperly in the Move and Copy commands, reported in the forum here:

Fixed a bug in the geometry library where the mechanism that determines the inside and outside regions of a solid was not working properly in some cases.
Fixes a bug reported in the forum here:
although to fix the object in that post, it must first be separated and then rejoined so that the inside/outside setting mechanism will get run on it again.

Fixed a bug with the Inset command reported here:

Fixed a bug with Blend where Blend was being sensitive to differences in
parameterization between the edges being blended. Reported in the forum here:

Updated meshing to fix a crash when running out of memory early in the initialization process of the meshing thread setup.

- Michael