Edit ini-file question

 From:  Michael Gibson
3476.2 In reply to 3476.1 
Hi vinced - are you using MoI v1 or MoI v2?

In MoI v2 the way colors work are quite a bit different, since objects are not normally all forced to be a single color and instead are colored by what style they have assigned to them.

So in MoI v2 that particular setting that I think you are using does not do anything anymore.

In MoI v2 there are a couple of choices you can use to get what you want though.

One way is to edit the "Default" style to have a different color and then save that to a 3DM file and use that as the startup template file in Option > General > Template file. Then when you start up MoI your styles will be set as you want.

There is also a different setting in moi.ini that you can set to override the curve color instead of having it displayed by style. That's under the [View] section:


Change the CurveColorMode to be =FixedColor and then put in your color value under CurveFixedColor=r,g,b.

There's also the same thing for Edges as well, with EdgeColorMode, and EdgeFixedColor.

Let me know if you have any problems setting this up.

- Michael