dilemma again and again

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi andras, I'm sorry it is just too early to know what will happen in v3 in regards to 2D drafting functionality like dimensions / hatching / annotation text.

Stuff in that area will probably happen in some steps across different versions, and will probably start out at a very basic and limited level.

I cannot even guarantee that there will be any of those absolutely for sure in v3 - there is not an exact roadmap of v3 in place, many things will depend on what more people are asking about. For example if there is a lot more pressure on me to work on surface modeling tools then those would take priority.

So I would not recommend waiting for MoI v3 and expecting for it to provide all that you would need in that particular area, that's just not likely to happen with MoI having much more of an overall focus on 3D model production. You should go ahead with getting some additional architecture-focused CAD software to get those tools.

I do think that a hidden line export to AI and DXF formats will probably be higher on the list to target first before things like dimensions directly inside of MoI.

- Michael