MOI not working

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Tharso,

> I did a install of the new nvidia driver.. maybe is
> it? (win 7 x64)

No, what you are showing does not look like a video driver problem, what you have there looks like some part of your system relating to Internet Explorer or the JScript engine is not working properly on your machine.

Did you try disabling any security software that you are currently running? It could be possible that something like an anti-spyware software would disable scripting.

Also try doing a reset of IE settings using the Reset button under the system Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced tab, as shown in this blog post:

> How can I convert the text file to batch file.. I dunno!

You have to rename the file to end with a .bat file extension.

This may be confusing if you have the display of file extensions turned off which is the default in Windows, you can turn it on with the option described here:

If none of those work you may need to re-install Windows so the parts that MoI depends are in working order.

- Michael