MOI not working

 From:  Michael Gibson
3460.2 In reply to 3460.1 
Hi Tharso, hmm that is a strange one.

MoI does use the Internet Explorer engine to display its UI there that is messed up, so if your system has a problem with IE that could cause some strange results.

You might try doing a reset of IE settings as mentioned in this blog post:

Or also try the batch file posted here:

Also if you have recently installed any kind of software that hooks into the system at a low level and monitors or alters stuff, like a virus or spyware checker, or something that changes the appearance of how things are drawn or anything like that, try disabling it.

Also do you see the same problem with MoI version 1.1 ? If you have version 1.0, make sure to apply the 1.1 update patch from here: .

- Michael