Boolean problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny, yeah I've seen some things like that before too where doing things in smaller sets can work better.

When you do it in a large batch, it actually still gets processed in a kind of "2 at a time" manner, but when it processes 2 objects that are not touching each other it ends up with a somewhat more complex intermediate stage that has multiple disjoint solid regions in it. There seems to be some more chance of running into problems after that happens.

In v2 I added some sorting to doing a batch boolean based on object size, so if you have one large object and you are unioning a lot of smaller things on to it, it won't try to pair the smaller objects together (which may not be touching each other at all) and that helps to make that kind of case work better.

But it's more difficult to try and automatically sort a kind of chain of things instead.

It can still be a good idea to use Join when it is possible to do so though, it's just a more simple process and you're less likely to get possible problems like little slivered pieces from things being cut up by the booleans in grazing situations.

- Michael