Integrity 5

 From:  Michael Gibson
3450.4 In reply to 3450.3 
Hi Steve, there have been some geometry library patches that I've applied to various MoI beta releases throughout the v2 cycle for fixing specific bugs. Some I've fixed myself and I've also received some from IntegrityWare as well.

But there is a new R5 release of the geometry library, which contains a mixture of stuff, including new functionality as well as some other separate bug fixes.

That release will not be directly integrated into MoI v2 because it only came out this last month, and MoI v2 is right near the end of its beta release cycle. There is too much of a risk of regressions to just take an entire major new library release without any time for it to be beta tested.

But some portions of that new release have been integrated during MoI v2 though - the patches that I received from IntegrityWare for some specific bugs are part of the new geometry library release as well.

- Michael